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With its mild winters, Wakayama is a great place to visit at this time of year. Warm up in the hot spring baths of Shirahama Onsen or Katsuura Onsen, have fun picking fresh strawberries at one of Wakayama's many farms, or admire the daffodils at Kashinozaki Lighthouse in early January.
Winter is also peak season for maguro (tuna), spiny lobster, and other seafood. Don't leave without also trying Wakayama ramen, which has a reputation for being some of the best in Japan.

Any photos of Wakayama are acceptable entries to the #VisitWakayama Winter Photo Contest, even photos you took at other times of year, so don't hold back!

The #VisitWakayama Winter Photo Contest is now closed to entries.
Thank you to all who shared your wonderful photos!


Kumano no Kaori aroma oil and floral water

Theme Prize: Kumano no Kaori aroma oil and floral water (5 winners) — Theme prizes will go to the best entries showing off Wakayama's beauty in winter.

This set of 100% natural aroma oil and floral water captures the soothing fragrance of the forests of Kumano, a highly spiritual place whose temples are visited by countless pilgrims every year. Hand-made by skilled local artisans, the aroma oil and fragrance use extract of the Shibahara variety of Japanese cedar, local to Kumano, and Hinoki cypress.

Japanese Bento box made from Wakayama Hinoki Cypress wood

First Prize: Japanese Bento box made from Wakayama Hinoki Cypress wood (5 winners) — First prizes will go to the entries that best show off Wakayama regardless of season.

Made from high-quality Hinoki cypress wood from Wakayama, this Bento box has a beautiful grain and antibacterial properties. Not only is it a gorgeous way to pack your lunch or bring food for a picnic, its nanocoat finish makes it dishwasher proof as well, so there’s no reason not to enjoy the beauty of Wakayama Hinoki Cypress wood on a daily basis. Comes with a Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth. Made in Japan. Comes in natural wood or dark-brown colors.

The color and design of each prize received by winners will be selected by the Contest Operator.
Please note that prizes may not match the photos, and the contest operator reserves the right to change the prizes awarded.


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Download the Instagram app and make an account if you don't already have one!

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Share one or more photos showing the beauty or attractiveness of Wakayama Prefecture with the hashtag #visitwakayama.

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Follow Wakayama Prefecture's official account @visitwakayama

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Use the hashtag#visitwakayama

Follow Wakayama Prefecture's official account@visitwakayama



The photo contest begins at 10:00am January 18, 2019 and ends at 11:59pm March 10, 2019 (Japan Standard Time).


March 27, 2019


Theme Prize: Kumano no Kaori aroma oil and floral water (5 winners)

First Prize: Japanese Bento box made from Wakayama Hinoki Cypress wood (5 winners)

  • - Contestants must be following the official @visitwakayama Instagram account
  • - Contestants must be the creator/owner of the image(s) used for entry
  • - Contestants must be using a public Instagram account for entry
  • - Accounts that are made private during the contest entry period are not eligible to win

Winning entries will be chosen based on their impact on social media, the number of votes received by selection committee members, and their consistency with the photo contest theme.

Winners will be notified by direct message to their Instagram accounts on March 22, 2019 or later.

  • - Winners must be following the official @visitwakayama account.
  • - Winners must reply within 48 hours; otherwise they forfeit their right to claim their prize.



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